Specialty Services

In addition to our towing and transport services, Englewood Truck Towing and Recovery offers additional specialized services. These include load shifts/load transfers, cargo cleanup, emergency spill response, site remediation, fuel transfer and extraction, photo documentation, emergency scene lighting, and traffic control.

If you have a large diesel spill you need a company that has the proper equipment and personnel to handle the entire cleanup. Englewood truck has skid loaders with power brooms and grapple buckets, roll off containers, and emergency response trucks stocked with absorbents and booms.  Our fuel transfer systems allow us to pump off fuel tanks that are leaking and contain the fuel that has already leaked out.

We also have equipment available transfer your cargo to another truck, rework the cargo if it has shifted, and store your cargo until arrangements are made. You can rest easy that Englewood Truck will handle your stressful situation from start to finish. Please call us today to discuss our specialized services.


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