Rotator Services

Englewood Truck Towing and Recovery has a fleet of rotator wreckers available 24/7/365.  Rotators are heavy duty wreckers with 360 rotating boom capabilities. Rotators are the ultimate recovery trucks because of their combination of power and versatility.  They help simplify even the most challenging recoveries.  They allow you to work alongside the highway while minimizing lane closures because the truck can be positioned parallel to the accident scene. This increases safety and efficiency among all parties involved in the wreck cleanup.

Rotators are not just used for recoveries.They can be used for many different applications including lifting heavy equipment, setting generators, coil lifts, and trailer decking/undecking.Rotators are great for contractors and construction companies because they are capable of lifting and setting heavy loads in tight spaces. They can also be used to disassemble & reassemble construction equipment quickly.Please call us today to discuss how our rotators and certified operators can simplify your next project.


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